This Is What Scott And Charlene’s Son Will Look Like

The surfy “Liam Hemsworth type” tasked with playing the son of the follically gifted participants of the most significant Australian TV wedding ever – Scott Robinson’s (Jason Donovan) marriage to Charlene Mitchell (Kylie Minogue) – has at last been identified.
The one Neighbours power couple to rule them all’s inexplicably short-haired son, Daniel Robinson, will be played by 26 year old Adelaide born actor Tim Phillipps, making his debut next week thanks to a story arc where he visits Ramsay Street to discover how his parents fell in love and/or find a Charlene of his own.      

“He’s just your happy-go-lucky, hippie-at-heart nature boy,” Phillipps told The Australian of the role. “He’s not coming in with dark secrets, he’s not coming in with baggage, he’s just happy to be alive and soaking up life.” 

“He’s a super loving guy and sure to fall in love with someone,” Phillips continued. “I know due to the history and popularity of Scott and Charlene, I’m sure the writers are excited to find him a beautiful love affair.” 
Phillipps, whose other credits include Underbelly, Animal Kingdom, Home and Away, Rush, Bed of Roses, and US network hit Once Upon a Time, will debut as Daniel next Tuesday. 
In the meantime, let’s just watch this again. 
Image via Channel Ten