Cheez TV is coming back. 

Steady yourself. Take deep breaths. 
This is happening. This is really, truly happening. And we’ve got proof.

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Posted by Cheez TV on Saturday, 23 January 2016

Your favourite morning cartoon show – scratch that, your childhood’s favourite show, period, is about ready to steal your nostalgic heart once more. Unbelievably, the program’s long-lost production tapes have been found in the garage of none other than host Ryan Lappin. 
Our emotions regarding this development can be summed up thusly:

In a move that has all but warmed the reaches of our cold, cynical hearts, ol’ mate Ryan reached out to co-host Jade Gatt to put those tapes in the grubby paws of 90’s kids Australia-wide.
Guess what? Those bad boys are going on Facebook.

Hey guys! Ryan & Jade here welcoming you to the official Cheez TV Facebook page. Recently we discovered our coveted…

Posted by Cheez TV on Friday, 22 January 2016

It is unfathomable that Channel Ten would see it fit to destroy their master copies of the foundational show, but here we are, standing at the cusp of 2016, safe in the knowledge those sweet, sweet childhood vibes are headed straight to the screen of your choosing. 

It’s where you found Rugrats. Dragon Ball Z. X-Men. Rocket Power. Jackie Chan Adventures. Biker Mice From fkn MARS. Oh lord.
If 8-year-old us could mould the future, this is what it’d look like. If you can tolerate this pure, unadulterated nostalgia, check out their page for more. 

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Photo: Facebook.