This Dude Ripping a Gumboot Bong at Violent Soho is an Aussie Legend

The humble gumboot is a tried and true method of sneaking contraband into festivals, but at this year’s Splendour In The Grass, this Aussie legend performed a remarkable feat of ingenuity when he transformed his boot into a functioning bong, in order to rip a cone during Violent Soho‘s set.
The band recently shared this photo on Facebook and Instagram, and admiring fans have sent it viral as balls, saluting this unknown soldier and his brave sacrifice of dry feet in the pursuit of toking up. The future of Australia’s coal industry may be looking shaky, but our smoking cones out of anything we damn well please industry has never been in better shape.

Update: The photo itself was snapped by Mitch Lowe, head music photographer from SaveTonight, who was on the ground at Splendour and is a bloody legend. You can see more Splendour shenanigans over on his Facebook. ‘Straya.