This Body Double In A Harry Styles Mask Will Absolutely Ruin Your Day

The internet is going wild over a pic of Harry Styles‘ body double dangling in the air like a caught mackerel, and I can’t think why.

The former One Directioner is going solo, and while we don’t even have as much as a single yet, he’s been snapped filming the music video for his upcoming jam ‘Sign of the Times‘ in Scotland.

Naturally, this process involves the use of a body double for the more aerobatic stunts, but unnaturally, it involves a body double wearing a Harry Styles mask.

In fact, this is perhaps the most unnatural thing ever encountered with a pule.

It’s all kinds of horrendous. Who made this mask? Who looks after this mask? When all this is over, who will be charged with looking after the decrepit fake skin of a fake Harry Styles?

The only other known mask in existence that reaches this level of unnerving is Michael Myers in ‘Halloween‘, a fact which has not gone unnoticed by the internet.

Who knows when this music video will drop, but safe to say it’s been ruined for all of us, forever.

Photo: Twitter.