This Autumn Say R.I.P To The One And Only ‘Movie Voice Guy’ Hal Douglas

In a world where movie-trailer voice-overs used to mean something, one man will be sorely missed.

In a time when movie trailers were used as a marketing tool to get people excited about going to see movies, Hal Douglas dared to use his delicious silky baritone to elevate the movie trailer watching experience, to something truly divine.

Douglas has said of his distinctive vocal chords: “I never thought of it as a great voice. It’s throaty, chesty, a voice in need of clearing.”
Mr Douglas, a criminal’s worst nightmare, passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 89 and is survived by his daughter Sarah Douglas and sons Jeremy and Jon Douglas.

Hal Douglas presents…

This Summer, check your weapons, take your seat and have a moment of silence for a legendary human.