Thirsty Spider-Man Fans Are Relieved That Tom Holland Isn’t Actually 15 Y.O.

Don’t deny it, you’ve held a crush on an actor that has hedged the line of being slightly probbo in that you’re not quite sure of their age, and whether the basis of your attraction is in something deeply wrong. You have. If you’re warm-blooded and watched the MTV reboot of Teen Wolf, you have had one of these kinda of crushes.

With the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s been realised that a lot of the people trotting along to see the movie are, well, they’re pretty fuckin’ thirsty for the Spider-Man. 
The only issue is, he looks like a literal 15-year-old childe.
Do not fear, you wildly horny Spidey lovers, for the research has been done and Tom Holland – who plays Spider-Man for this, the 1200th reboot – is absolutely of-age.

Thank Christ.
Turns out, so many of you are on the horn for Holland that it’s really bloody noticeable when you’re all checking your phones mid-film to make sure you’re not being Extremely Inappropriate.

Because there’s such a big overlap of people that use Twitter and people that are absolutely here to fuck spiders, many have posted their sheer relief online for the rest of us to quietly judge enjoy.

Look, I can’t blame you. I can understand these feelings you’re going through. He did do THIS earlier this year, so your feels are extremely valid.
More hot Spider-Man, please. The world demands it.
Photo: Chung Sung-Jun / Getty.