There’s Now An Uncut Video Of Jennifer Lawrence Swearing Up A Storm

Earlier this week, your girl Jennifer Lawrence stopped by to visit Conan during San Diego Comic Con, and proved that she likes to curse up a goddamn storm just as much as we do.
In case you missed it, here is the SFW version of the video, which sees the notoriously foul-mouthed J-Law busting out as many cuss words as she can remember as Conan drops bucks in a charity swear jar.
If you were (rightly) feeling deprived by all the bleeps covering up the best parts of the televised swearing session, then don’t worry – the internet, as usual, has your back.
Soak up the motherfucker-cock-balls action in all its glory:
Lawrence’s Hunger Games co stars Liam ‘Don’t Call Me Chris’ Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson were also present, and at one point in the interview, the latter dropped an intriguing hint about the possibility of more films in the series.
When the trio were asked about hypothetical sequels and prequels, Hutcherson said “there is …” before thinking better of himself, and adding “oh, I can’t say that, sorry, we’ll see what happens.”
He didn’t say anything more on the subject and Conan couldn’t get anything more out of him, but given that the films are basically a license for Lionsgate to print money, it wouldn’t be all together surprising if something was in the works.