PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with the Universal Sony Pictures, AKA the twisted minds behind Sausage Party, to let y’all it’s now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Keep reading to find out why a sausage is running around Melbourne tomorrow + how catching it can get you $2K, before heading HERE to get ya mittens on the movie.

Us Aussies love a good snag. Like, we’re willing to fly drones to collect one from Bunnings and cop a $9,000 fine in the process. That’s why we knew y’all would be keen on a scavenger-esque style comp to track down a sausage in Melbourne – especially if we threw a chunk of cash into the mix too. 

Introducing the… 


RESIDENTS OF VIC’S CAPITAL: we’ll be dropping clues of where to start looking for the sausage from 11:45AM on our Snapchat (@PEDESTRIAN.TV), and at 1PM, we’ll be revealing its exact location.

There’s A Rogue Snag On The Loose In Aus & You Can Win $2K For Finding It

Open Snapchat and take a pic of this to instantly follow us for all the clues, lols ’n whatnot.

You’ll also need to keep an ear out for a particular quote from the movie Sausage Party (you’ll need to recount it to the snag when you track it down) so that you can cop the cash giveaway. Check out the trailer if you haven’t caught the flick yet:

If you don’t win but happen to come ever-so-close to victory, your efforts won’t be wasted – you’ll score yourself a Frank the Sausage Plush and naughty activity book. 

Best of luck, you sausage-hungry fiends. 


Photo: Jeff Greenberg / Getty.

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