There’s A “Rocky” Spinoff Called “Creed” Coming, And It Has A Trailer

We know that Hollywood‘s over-propensity to take existing properties and squeeze extra sequels, stories, spinoffs or whathaveyou out of them can be, at the best of times, really bloody tiring. But credit where it’s due, this one actually looks really good.

The first trailer for Creed has arrived, and gives us our first glimpse into what is both a spinoff from, and the seventh official instalment in the Rocky series.
The film follows the life and early career of Adonis Johnson – the son of the great Apollo Creed, who died at the beginning of Rocky IV, which the storyline suggest was before Adonis was born.
Adonis, also a boxer, travels to Philadelphia to track down his father’s greatest opponent, Rocky Balboa, and convince him to be his trainer.
The film stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, alongside Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashäd, and British ABA Heavyweight Champion Tony Bellew.

Three things.
1) Seriously, this actually looks pretty darned promising. Colour us keen.
2) If “Eye of the Tiger” doesn’t get belted out at some point, we think everyone would be well within their rights to riot. And;
3) Can we take a moment here to talk about how that’s AVON BARKSDALE talking to WALLACE at the start of that trailer?

Creed is scheduled for release on November 25th.