There’s a Real-Life Quidditch World Cup, and Someone Just Made a Documentary About It

The Quidditch World Cup is a real thing, where each year, university students from around the United States and the world gather together to battle it out for supremacy in the fictional sport from the Harry Potter universe. Some modifications have been made to the rules – because humans can’t fly on broomsticks, and because golden snitches, how the fuck do they work? – but the plucky Potter fans all have a jolly good time.

Earlier today, it was announced that a documentary about the Quidditch World Cup is in the works. The film, entitled Mudbloods, follows the “resilient underdogs” of the UCLA team as they battle their way through to the fifth annual Quidditch World Cup in New York City. Teams in the league have such names as the NY Badassilisks, the Maryland Marauders and
the Briarcliff Nearly Headless Nicolas Cages (of course), but the heroes of this tale just go by plain old UCLA. 

The real-life version of Quidditch combines elements of rugby, lacrosse, basketball and tag, and play involves teams of seven – consisting of three chasers, two beaters, a keeper and seeker – who run around a field chasing balls while somehow managing to keep broomsticks clasped between their legs. The snitch is a tennis ball stuffed down some unlucky guy’s pants.

If you’re curious to see what it’s all about, then you’re in luck, as Australia has quite an active Quidditch community. There are teams affiliated with universities around the country, including seven in New South Wales, and scattered others around Victoria, Queensland, The ACT, South Australia and WA. If you’re not a uni student and are feeling left out, nobody’s stopping you from starting a Quidditch team of your very own.

Mudbloods is due out in October.

via Deadline
Image via UCLA Quidditch