Some people fret about torrents, or question the authenticity of the DVD’s they picked up in Bali.

Others see intellectual property laws as a challenge to be conquered, and happily skirt the boundaries of legality. 

Fewer still have the balls to nick content wholesale and pass it off as their own.

Only the loosest humans on planet Earth would attempt to hijack nearly every recognisable aspect of Mad Max: Fury Road for their own film, but fortunately for us, a studio in China has done just that. 

And goddamn, you kind of have to respect the audacity of it all.

Mad Shelia
is the wild doppelganger to 2015’s action juggernaut, and they even tried to emulate the flick’s Aussie vibe by slapping the term “sheila” onto it. 

Have a gander at the trailer and try not to give ’em props: 

Mind you, the film isn’t going to hit cinemas. Its creators New Film Media (fucken’ lol) are rolling it out via streaming service Tencent Video, and such is their confidence in the rip-off that they’ve apparently got two more in the works.

Their titles: Mad Shelia: Virgin Road, and Mad Shelia: Vengeance Road. You couldn’t make this shit up. New Film Media apparently have problems making anything up really.

The results fall halfway between cosplay and a Korn music video, but hey, it’s fun. Unbelievably, you can watch it (with subtitles) right here. 

There’s A Chinese Bootleg ‘Mad Max’ Called ‘Mad Shelia’ & We’re Here For It

Source: Shanghaiist. 
Photo: HK Cinema / YouTube.