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It’s Bachelor week 2, and boy is it heating up. The girls have been living together for a little while now, and the claws are coming the fuck out.

So Monique scored the solo date with Matt, and it was… cooked. They went on some weird plane date and tried to umm… shoot each other out of the sky? I think? Question mark??? Twitter thought it was equally fucked, obviously.

Next up we had an equally weird group date with the photoshoot for TV Week. And honestly, I was living for the drama. Especially Abbie totally taking over the photoshoot that was obviously meant to make Vakoo the star. Talk about DRAMA.

But that wasn’t the only hot Abbie moment. Twitter went BUCK WILD when Abbie and Matt started making out after 0.3 seconds of being together after the weird Surviv0r-esque “vote for the girl that gets to be with Matt” moment.

I know physics is his science, but boy he’s found some damn chemistry with Abbie tonight.

And last but not least, I couldn’t forget Elly (even if Matt seemingly has). This tweet kind of sums it up perfectly. *cries forever*

Am I Team Elly? Team Abbie? I don’t even know anymore! Do I like Matt? Do I hate him? Why must this show play with my damn emotions?