Twitter Points Out The Wiggles Sold Out The Same Stadium As Trump’s Miserable No Show Rally

Following Donald Trump‘s abysmal re-election campaign rally turnout in Tulsa, valiant heroes have flooded Twitter feeds to dutifully remind everyone that The Wiggles sold out the same venue back in ’09.

Yep, that’s right – 11 years ago, as part of their Go Bananas Live Tour in the US, ye ol’ Wiggles sold out the entire 19,000-capacity BOK Center, Tulsa Today reported. Fast forward to present day, and the US President only managed an estimated 6,200 in attendance.

There are obviously various factors that we could consider (like TikTokers and K-pop stans heroically sabotaging the rally’s attendance) or we could just take a moment of silence to commemorate The Wiggles’ profound influence on us all. They did that.

Following the news that precisely fuck all people attended the rally, an unironic Wiggles stan account made the following comparison…

And that was it – The Wiggles began trending on Twitter (under ‘politics’, of all places).

Although the Wiggles concert image being used for the comparison seems to be taken from a Perth concert back in 2012, the iconic foursome did still manage to sell out the BOK Center… and that is something that Trump will never know.

Anthony “Blue Wiggle” Field, also jumped on the Wiggles-frothing bandwagon, noting that they “had a better light show”. Very true.

“Free Fruit Salad for everyone is our message!”

What a fine Monday this has turned out to be.

Stream “Fruit Salad” and “Hot Potato” for clear skin, nostalgic endorphins and sold-out convention centres.