The Veronicas Just Ran Through Miranda Devine Over Her Bullshit Take On The Qantas Debacle

the veronicas flight

Boomer-bait content must’ve been low this week ‘coz firebrand columnist Miranda Devine has chosen The Veronicas, of all people, to take aim at (what, did defending Pell become too mundane for you?).

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Devine spewed out an essay for the Telly in reaction to the case of The Veronicas vs Qantas.

She basically reckons the petite sisters should’ve been able to put their own bags in the overhead compartment, perhaps by developing superhuman abilities like super strength and / or levitation.

Honestly, I couldn’t even bring myself to click on the damn thing but here’s a summary of the piece (of shit) in her tweet:

“Column’s up: Being kicked off an airplane is embarrassing enough, but not having the humility or self-awareness to realise that you can’t ask a flight attendant to be your sherpa is unforgivable.”

The band has since fired back with their own criticism, calling the columnist out on her hypocrisy which she is famous for.

“Heard a rumour you wrote this from your complimentary upgraded flight from NYC!” They began.

“Unjustly mean spirited article full of lies, but never let the truth get in the way of a good old fashioned $$$ “opinion piece” hey ;).”

We’re not sure how the girls got this intel about Devine but it certainly was handy in delivering a sick burn to the crackpot columnist.

Perhaps the sisters really do have superhuman abilities after all.