The Veronicas Launch Graphic PETA Ad

Lisa and Jess Origliasso of The Veronicas are outspoken animal cruelty campaigners and yesterday in Sydney they launched their brand new PETA anti-fur ad, keeping with the long maintained PETA tradition of using hot girls to advocate its cause.

WARNING: The Veroncicas are tiny and adorable, but anal electrocuting and crushing heads of furry creatures is not. If animal cruelty is something you’re squeamish about the following footage includes graphic scenes that might offend.

Longtime PETA supporter and KFC detractor Pamela Anderson also featured in pro-vegetarian PETA ads carrying the message “All animals have the same parts”

The image has been criticised for being sexist and exploitative of women. Pam is no stranger to the concept of “sex sells” and using her body as a promotional device has long been her credo, in fact it’s a pretty clever idea – compare her body to a “piece of meat”. But PETA? Using scantily clad women in advertising??