The Veronicas Answer Dude’s Body-Shaming BS With A Legit Grocery List

We know we know we know. We hear ya. The Veronicas still exist??” you cry.

They also hear ya:

Exist in this world, they do – the same world where everyday guys and gals reckon they have the god-forsaken right to comment on the appearance of total strangers.

The Veronicas – a.k.a. Jess and Lisa Origliasso – recently uploaded a new pic to Facebook, and a number of people decided to tell them to ‘eat a cheeseburger’ (or similar) because they looked ‘too skinny’. Amazing how cheeseburgers magically flip from being ‘unhealthy’ to ‘healthy’ as soon as you can see someone’s ribs, right?

The Veronicas have spoken out in the past about the near-constant cries of looking ‘too skinny’ in an industry that practically demands a minuscule body fat percentage (and for the record, they’ve always been slight), and this was no exception.

Which brings us to a young Matt Lee, who thought he could solve this ‘skinny problem’ once and for all by purchasing the food necessary to allow Jess and Lisa to achieve the ‘correct weight’, and presumably somehow force feeding them.

The Veronicas clapped back, and they clapped back hard.

Matt Lee has yet to comment. Chances are he won’t.

But if his silence is merely indicative that his budget won’t stretch to what is an ungodly amount of organic food, and instead will only cover the odd cheeseburger here and there, then send ’em our way (pls + thank you).

Photo: Facebook / The Veronicas.