Last night, the first episode of the highly-anticipated season of SBS show ‘First Contact’ went to air. 
Reactions were, as you’d expect, plentiful. 
If you haven’t heard of the show, ‘First Contact’ places a group of six non-Indigenous people, all with varied and strong opinions on Aboriginal people and culture, Indigenous relations in Australia, and racism in general. 
While the first season of the popular featured your average Aussie, this season features six well-known personalities – former Australian idol judge Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, singer Natalie Imbruglia, comedian Tom Ballard, former One Nation politician David Oldfield, actor Nicki Wendt, and former Miss Universe Renae Ayris
Oldfield managed to dominate most of the internet’s reactions, due to him acting like a complete prick (hang on) being a rude jerk (hold up, sorry) being a disrespectful fuckwit (look at that, there’s really no other way to say it!) to Aboriginal elder Timmy ‘Djawa’ Burarrwanga, while in Bawaka in East Arnhem Land.
Oldfield refuses to take part in catching fish for dinner (shocker), and so Timmy asks if the politician respects his culture the way he respects his. 
Unhappy with Oldfield’s answer to this, he tells him, “You know this country is so racist”.
The conversation ends up a fiery argument, in which Oldfield offers to leave Timmy’s land. 
Reaction were exactly as you’d expect ’em to be:

But as interesting as ‘First Contact‘ may be, many brought up that Aboriginal trauma being brought up and televised *purely* to teach some white people how not to be racist is grim and demeaning, and is also a prime example of white privilege in action:

Too true. 
But ultimately, this is the tweet that really hits the nail on the head. Why does contact solve racism?

The next ep airs tonight, and it seems as though Oldfield is involved in yet another argument where he implies to people belonging to the world’s oldest culture that he is better and more cultured than them. 
Can’t wait. 
Source: Twitter
Photo: SBS.