Daytime TV lovers of Australia, let it be known: a bunch of people on the same show all wore matching outfits again. Yes, on Monday’s ep of The Today Show four different women were wearing the exact same shade of blue on-air.

Some poor intern in The Today Show’s wardrobe department is currently slugging the largest glass of savvy b they can find.

The unintentional matching harkens back to the infamous and fkn hilarious time Julie Snook and Amber Sherlock were interviewing psychologist Sandy Rae on Nine News and all three women were wearing white shirts. Or, in the case of Snook, a blue shirt that looked white under the studio lights.

The slight wardrobe disaster happened off-air but was caught on camera. Luckily the team was able to procure a black jacket for Snook to wear before the segment went live.

Now, The Today Show has recreated the iconic moment with matching blue fits — though at least this time the women weren’t all on the same panel.

It’s a stunning colour but good lord. Get some chartreuse or magenta in there!

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Let me pop on my fashion editor hat for a second (it’s a beret, obviously). The show’s host Ally Langdon sported a dashing royal blue pantsuit. Then I can only assume reporter Fiona Willan borrowed the jacket of said pantsuit and honestly, she slayed. It brings out the colour of her eyes!

Senator Jacqui Lambie donned the same blue jacket with the addition of a fun black stripe and a Coraline-esque black button. Bringing up the blue crew was reporter Lara Vella in a jumper that I would, in fact, like to steal. It’s giving country core, it’s giving casual chic, it’s giving “I’m wearing R.M. Williams boots and I know how to use them”.

The matchy-matchy situation almost happened again in 2017 when Amber Sherlock wore a very similar green top to her fellow on-air panellist Kellie Alderman. Luckily Alderman had a blue jacket — in almost the exact same colour blue that The Today Show team rocked on Monday.

Look, a bit of the ‘ol colour coordination with your colleagues is pretty cute if you ask me. But I can understand not wanting to wear the exact same colour when you’re all on a panel together.

Luckily The Today Show’s royal blue renaissance was split across a couple of different segments. It’s a nice colour, I’m into it! They should’ve put Karl Stefanovic in a matching suit.

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