The stoic men of Australia have been proven to feel emotions according to a national study conducted by tissue purveyors Kleenex. Released yesterday, the 2012 Kleenex Man-dex enlisted women aged 18 and over to divulge the various emotional responses their significant others experienced during some of the most tear jerking films in cinema history. According to the women in their lives, 59% of Australian men have shed tears during a chick flick with The Notebook and Love Actually placing fifth and seventh on the list of movies most likely to make Aussie men cry.

Proving that dog really is man’s best friend and SPOILER ALERT canines dying on film is more emotionally affecting than escaping World War II or wrongful incarceration SPOILER ALERT ENDS , Marley and Me and Red Dog placed first and second on the list, beating out bittersweet holocaust drama Life Is Beautiful and two hour catharsis enema The Shawshank Redemption.

Other plot lines deemed slightly less devastating than pooch going to the big kennel in the sky? A wife’s terminal illness (Forrest Gump, #6), a daughter’s terminal illness (My Sister’s Keeper, #9) and never relinquishing your childhood (Toy Story 3, #10).

The study also found that 10% of men cried over the results of their favourite sports team, 40% during the birth of their child, 25% on their wedding day, 20% when fighting with a friend or loved one and 18% during a song.

The Top Ten Films Most Likely To Make Australian Men Cry
1) Marley and Me
2) Red Dog
3) Life is Beautiful
4) Shawshank Redemption
5) The Notebook
6) Forrest Gump
7) Love Actually
8) Titanic
9) My Sister’s Keeper
10) Toy Story 3

Let it all rain down below…