The announcement of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Whos next lead pretty evenly cleaved fans into distinct groups. 

On one side were aficionados of the show who are positively stoked that a woman is taking the role for the first time in its 54-year history; on the other, men who can suspend their disbelief at time-traveling Brits in phone boxes, but are repulsed that the next Doctor is somehow no longer a bloke.
It also saw a fair few media organisations play to type. While some outlets (why yes, hello!) offered some admittedly positive takes on Whittaker’s selection, others regressed to low-brow salaciousness. If the concepts of “media” and “low-brow salaciousness” made you think of UK paper The Sun, well, you’re actually spot bloody on.
The tabloid paper has come under fire, after it heralded Whittaker’s role by choosing to publish nude stills from her previous acting work – all under the heading “Dalektable.” 
Yes, as it turns out, Whittaker has appeared nude in professional projects before her turn in Broadchurch. That was apparently enough for the paper to hawk her inclusion in BBC’s premiere sci-fi property by plastering the images within its pages. 
That decision has drawn ire from the Equal Representation for Actresses campaign, who have – pretty reasonably – drawn the conclusion that The Sun executed a “reductive and irresponsible decision to run a story featuring pictures of Jodie in various nude scenes.”

Social media wasn’t too chuffed, either.

FWIW, it wasn’t only The Sun who got in on that angle. Mail Online published stills from some of her select nude scenes, but chose to include other bare shots of former Doctors Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith. That piece came under the header “Doctor Nude!”
Jodie Whittaker will take over from Peter Capaldi as The Doctor after this year’s Christmas special.
Source: The Guardian.
Photo: John Phillips / Getty.