‘The Shire’ Viral Parody Provokes The Ire Of Channel 10

The ShireGate saga continues it’s ‘one step forward, two step back‘ momentum this week as producers from Shine and Channel 10 filed a copyright complaint with YouTube to remove a parody clip with high enough production values (and presumably a worryingly accurate enough depiction of Shire life) to be confused with the real thing, according to TV Tonight.

The five minute clip from two lads behind Mortal Komedy films is quickly gaining momentum having racked up almost 31,000 views, and aims to clear up some pretty pervasive misconceptions about Shire life. In doing so it provides a pretty telling insight into what The Shire is looking like it’s going to be. The faux leaked footage is described as being found “stuffed between a book called ‘Commercial Television Code of Practice’ and a burnt DVD of Jersey Shore” so that gives you a pretty good indication of what to expect from both shows. It’s surprising then that network execs were scared enough of the clip to have it taken down (who’s afraid of the big, bad spoof?), but on account of it containing all original content it was quickly reinstated.

I would’ve asked Sutherland Shire Mayor, Carol Provan, how she feels about the parody (prediction: not good) but I just don’t think I can stand being stood up again.

Highlights include the Ned Kelly singlet with the Ben Cousins quote, Bintang-fuelled, ambiguous Asian Fatty Vaughton tattoos, ‘Triple J Hottest 100 – I’ve heard of it,’ decoding that ‘Yiew’ sound you hear everywhere and getting heaps social on the social medias. Sick, aye. Watch belyiew: