The ‘Send Nudes’ Meme Is Done After Twisties Gives It A Red Hot Go

We’d start this article off with a statement about what happens when big companies incorporate edgy memes into their marketing to appeal to the youth, but luckily we don’t have to as there’s already a meme that covers that topic:
We’ve bid farewell to many these past few years, including bae, on fleek and the daddy of them all, I Can Haz Cheezburger, and now the viral ‘Send Nudes‘ video, which flourished throughout the final weeks of 2016, joins them on the island of forgotten memes. 

Over the new year, Twisties Australia shared the below Send Twisties video:
Some commenters on the Faebook page saw the humorous side:
Ahahaha aw I know they’re just trying to “relate to the teens” but this is actually kinda cute tho

Ok this is actually funny I can cope with this, most other companies getting in on the memes are ran by 40+ year old there fore all the memes are about 30 days late. I mean you almost ALMOST we’re late as that meme is basically over. So I mean you just knocked its last legs out. (Which is a good thing) I can tango with this company meme.
Some slightly less so:
don’t you just love it when companies try to lure in kids with memes 

twisties is like a dad trying to be hip and cool

Either way, we now know two things for sure: the ‘Send Nudes’ meme is officially done, and also, we’re kind of hungry.

Source: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.