The Second Trailer For Girls Season 3 Is Here

The first tantalising trailer came out last month, and today’s second helping of fat free muffins of sociopathic attachment (ie. the third season of HBO‘s Girls) promises plenty more comical navigation of romance, career aspirations and life in general for Hannah, Shoshannah and co.

The trailer mainly gives us Hannah-related story insights, with our heroine appearing to be back on with Adam, and, thanks to the sassy publisher who tells her “I get you, Hannah Horvath, and I like you” (oh god I get you too Hannah!), it looks like there might be some publishing success in her future after all.

“Happiness is about appreciating what you have”
as Jessa helpfully points out, and come the exciting double episode premiere on the 12th of January, what we will finally have is the third season of Girls.