The Rock’s Most Iconic Look Got A Thanksgiving Parade Float & It’s My New Sleep Paralysis Demon

The Rock in his famous turtleneck and chain getup has been featured at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and it is truly the most cursed thing that I have set my eyes upon this week.

The parade float, which was set in place to promote The Rock’s upcoming series Young Rock, which will be coming out February next year. Alongside the video of the haunting giant terror of plucked eyebrows, fanny pack and iconic turtleneck was a pretty sweet caption, that included heartwarming lines like “float on, kid.. you might just make it one day.”

Sure it’s a bit extra, but we can’t help but smile.

“Never in my wildest dreams…” wrote The Rock on his Instagram.

“I’ve been a lucky SOB to have done some pretty cool shit in my career, but after seeing my NBC Young Rock FANNY PACK FLOAT in the #MacysThanksgivingParade, this might take the cake.”

“This time in my life may represent when I had just $7 bucks in my fanny pack, but at least I had enough COOL to tuck my turtleneck in and wear fake silver jewellery because it was all I could afford.”

“And my massive plucked raised eyebrow is the stuff that dreams (and nightmares) are made of.”

You can check the full vid for yourself right here.

The Rock has also been sharing some brand new shots of his upcoming show, which feature a mini him with his father, Rocky Johnson.

Other stills show off Andre The Giant and The Junkyard Dog, who are other famous wrestlers that young Dwayne Johnson interacted with in his childhood.

Personally, I cannot wait to learn more about young Rock in… well, Young Rock.

“I was born into the wild, crazy and unpredictable world of pro wrestling,” The Rock captioned one of the pics.

“And as a little boy, to me – these guys were REAL superheroes.”

Well, I’m just glad there’s no float parade down here because lord knows what haunted things we’d have to see.