The already-fairly-ruthless Real Housewives Of Melbourne has turned more ruthless still in the lead-up to its third season, with the producers allegedly making the cast members compete to see who will make the final cut.

BRB, cowering behind a throw pillow like poor Figaro at the thought of all that stress.

The housewives were filming a scene at Chadstone Shopping Centre, the scene of a memorable bust-up last season, when Gamble Breaux told Confidential that the show has basically become a last-woman-standing situation.

She told the publication:

“It’s been full on. It’s an easier year for me this year as it’s not as daunting, but it’s just as bitchy.  Everyone has their claws out, and there is a lot of tension because someone is not going to get through.  So the tension between the girls is really electric and real, because someone feels they are going to lose their job.”

You’ve got to hand it to them, there is nothing like the scent of rosé-tinged desperation in the air to up the drama, and we are figuratively screaming at the thought of what the women might do for attention in that situation.

The ‘Real Housewives Of Melbourne’ Casting Process Has Turned Cutthroat

Janet Roach wasn’t at the event, presumably because she got stuck waving her arm above her head, but Chyka KeebaughLydia SchiavelloPettifleur Berenger and new housewife Susie McLean were all there, along with Gamble. 

Gina Liano, who has recently been filming Celebrity Apprentice and has made noises about leaving the show, was ominously not present for the latest Chadstone fight. 

It seems likely that Foxtel will announce the show’s new cast when the third season is done filming. Gina’s name had better be on that list, or there will be trouble.

The ‘Real Housewives Of Melbourne’ Casting Process Has Turned Cutthroat 

via Confidential
Photo: Caroline McCredie via Getty Images