The Queen Reportedly Has A V. Wacky Rule She Makes Her Fam Follow On Xmas Day

Like most grandmothers (and great grandmothers), The Queen has a strict set of Christmas traditions that her family must abide by and I’m not just talking ‘No Netflix during dinner’.

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According to a report via New Idea, old m8 Liz makes her entire fam stay up until midnight on Christmas Day to play charades.

“No matter how tired they are, they royals are reportedly expected to stay up and play the game until Her Majesty says that she has had enough,” the report reads.

“And, if they retire early they risk upsetting her.”

Unsurprisingly this isn’t her only rule, she also has three strict stipulations when it comes to gifts.

First of all, no one is allowed to open their presents until her hubby Prince Philip has given them the go-ahead.

Second, there must be a “gag gift” thrown somewhere in the mix. Fake poop always goes down a treat here in Australia but previous gag gifts have reportedly included a grow-your-own girlfriend kit given to Prince Harry by Kate before he met Meghan and a leather toilet seat given to Prince Charles by Princess Anne.

And lastly, the general rule of thumb when it comes to gift-giving is the cheaper the better.

Considering the fam has more money than god, cheap, tacky and quirky Chrissy gifts are probably what’s best to give them a royal laugh at Christmas.