‘The Project’ Aired A Deeply Cringe Interview With Nicole Scherzinger Last Night & Oh God

Strap yourselves in folks, because The Project served up an absolute doozy of an awkward interview last night, this time with The Pussycat DollsNicole Scherzinger.

The head doll joined the desk last night to talk about PCD’s 10-year reunion and their upcoming shows in Australia for the So Pop tour, and had to endure rogue, kinda off comments from Peter Helliar and just kinda plain cringe questions from Waleed Aly about 2000s fashion.

Look, I get it. The 00s were a dark time for fashion choices – it was right as social media was kicking off, lowrider jeans were an unforgiving trend, everyone went HAM on really shit fake tan. It’s fair enough you want to talk about it, but asking one of the biggest pop icons from the era “hey did you fight with other women about boob tubes?” is just not the way to go about it.

Nicole, bless her, managed to keep a brave face and just laughed it off after giving a very flat “no”, before the panel moved on to the next gag, talking about misheard lyrics, and whether Nicole “has boobies” now and I just ????

In the moments where she actually got to speak, Nicole talked about how the video clip for their latest single ‘React‘ involved them being so close to pyrotechnics that they ended up with soot in their noses and latex burnt to their skin, and getting bruises from the physically challenging choreography, which was the only thing that Peter and Tommy Little decided to focus in on – replaying over and over and then cutting to Tommy trying to do the same move in the Project offices earlier in the day.

Look, it’s all a bit of a mess and that definitely wasn’t missed by folks watching at home, either.



Check out the whole interview with Nicole Scherzinger below and get ready to feel a wave of second-hand embarrassment. Also give this woman a Gold Logie for her incredible “I definitely give a shit about this” acting, Christ almighty.