The Olsen Twins Could Appear In “Fuller House” After All

If the television industry were a town, Netflix is currently the goth kid travelling to the Graveyard at midnight to cast resurrection spells they found in a beat-up copy of the Necronomicon.

Among the other shows the streaming giant is breathing new life into is the much talked about and hyped Full House revival/reunion series “Fuller House” which is full steam ahead in production.
The series will initially bring together the entire original cast for an extended reunion special of sorts, before spiralling off into its own entity that revolves around the characters of DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler.
But through all the public announcements on cast returns that the show has been mowing through, one constant has remained – Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would not be returning to the series.
Or, at least, so we thought.
Despite having ostensibly retired from acting some years ago, and having claimed that they didn’t even hear about the proposed new series until after the first initial public announcement, Netflix remains openly confident that not only will the Olsen Twins appear in the new series, but that their confirmation is on the verge of occurring.
Speaking at a TCA Press Tour, Netflix representative Ted Sarandos stated that “The Olsen twins are teetering on whether or not they’ll be around.”

This stands in direct opposition to earlier statements issued by the show’s producers that unequivocally claimed the Olsens would not be a part of Fuller House.
As for the show itself, Sarandos confirmed that the show would be shot in the spirit of the original, but with something of a modern feel.

“It’s a show that is very much in the spirit of the original. At the taping of the [first] episode this past week, when the cast shows up on stage the audience reacts immediately and the actors have fallen right back into the roles. It’s very much in the same spirit but with a modern take on Full House.”

Will they or won’t they? Will they crack and make a cameo appearance on the show? Will they reveal that in the intervening years Michelle Tanner underwent cell splitting and became two identical people? Will they mine the obvious comedy vein for twin magic sight gags pulled on an Uncle Joey slowly losing his mind?

Or will they simply maintain their stance of not doing anymore acting and continue living the pretty darned sweet lives they’ve managed to carve out for themselves since walking away from the camera?
via E! Online.