The OC’s Seth Cohen To Star In ‘Scream: 4’

Hollywood sure does know how to flog a dead horse. And this one’s been dead for almost a decade.

You remember Scream the quintessential teen horror/comedy films of the Nineties? Well, Wes Craven is back AGAIN with a fourth installment, which begs the question: how many times can we scream, really?

Scream: 4 has started filming this week and will star Adam Brody (whose roles since appearing in The OC haven’t even come close to his career-defining turn as Seth Cohen); Marley Shelton (the token large-breasted blonde) and Erik Knudsen (Saw II).

Brody will play the role of a cop who recently graduated from college (and who was raised on the CSI TV series – there’s no escaping it). Shelton will play a deputy who knew Sidney (Neve Campbell’s back y’all!) in high school and Knudsen will have a role similar to Randy Meeks, a character who froths over horror movie and is heavy on the gags and sexual innuendo.

Don’t think that the original cast members aren’t gonna cash in on this one either: Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette have all signed up to feature in the film, joining a few new recruits: Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, and Rory Culkin. The big question is: after three movies and years of idiots in Halloween costumes romping about merrily in Scream’s trademark black and white ghoul mask, is it still going to frighten audiences? I can’t help but think of an alcoholic pot smoking dude rapping “I’m gonna slash and gash, cut another hole in your ass.” Yep, Scary Movie has ruined it for me.

Scream 4 is due for release on April 15 2011.

Title Image: Still from “The O.C.”