The National Gallery Of Australia Is Offering Naked Tours

Have you ever been to a gallery and thought ‘this place is great, but it would be better if there were lots more uncomfortable eye contact, and also dozens of weird-looking penises potentially brushing up against me’?

The National Gallery Of Australia has your back.
ABC News report that, at an upcoming retrospective of the American artist James Turrell, a select group of art enthusiasts will have the chance to explore the exhibition in the buff.
Melbourne artist Stuart Ringholt, who collaborated with the NGA on the exhibition, hopes that nudity will “remove the material barrier between artist and audience.”
“James’s focus is very much on light. How could the skin drink in light, which is required in his work, if we are wearing our clothes?” he asked, adding “it makes perfect sense to remove them.”
Previously, visitors to a Turrell exhibition in Japan were allowed to go nude to experience the art. Those game enough to do it in Canberra will need to get in fast, a there are three tours, with 150 spots total: 
– Wednesday April 1, 5:30pm
– Thursday April 2, 7:00am
– Thursday April 2, 7:30pm
The gallery will be closed to other visitors at these times.
Photo: Nigel Treblin via Getty Images