The Most Joyful, Envy-Inducing Instagram Pics From Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney’s Opening Day

Sydneysiders who kneel at the altar of the theme park gods no longer have to make the pilgrimage to Mecca (ie. the Gold Coast) to get their adrenaline fix, as the Wettest and Wildest of waterparks, Wet ‘N’ Wild Sydney, finally opened today. After months of construction (documented almost in its entirety by one extremely dedicated Youtuber), speculation as to exactly which advances in fast-motion-aquatically-lubricated-earthwards-momentum-entertainment-chutes will be deployed has finally been put to rest. Thankfully for those of us not attending, some open-day eager-beavers (or whatever the aquatic equivalent of a beaver is. A platypus? An otter? Wait, actually, are beavers aquatic? Semi-aquatic. Beavers are semi-aquatic. So ‘eager-beavers’ is pretty accurate then) didn’t do what we’d be doing, which is pushing in front of smaller children in the lines and being told off for running by the pool when the sign clearly says No Running, and instead took to Instagram and Twitter today (and during the park’s pre-opening preview period) to make us all jealous by documenting all of the things!

The slides!

The colours!

The bros!

The overpriced food!

The early birds!

The Happy Jumps!

And the ability to ride watersides at night time!

Wet ‘N’ Wild Sydney: Where all your waterslide-related dreams come true