Holy shit, The Masked Singer‘s Atlantis has been revealed as music royalty Macy Gray — which is actually HUGE???!!

Macy Gray is the icon that sings the 1999 hit ‘I Try’, and with such a memorable voice I feel like she was a pretty easy guess.

Gray has released 10 studio albums, received five Grammy award nominations and won one Grammy. I have fond memories listening to her album On How Life Is with my mum on long car rides, so it’s so nice (and random) to see her on The Masked Singer. She truly has such a beautiful voice.

If you want a refresher of The Masked Singer clues for Atlantis, have a peep below:

Clue one: I am the great Atlantis, and I am the queen of all I see.

Clue two: I am a goddess of water. I am fluid, taking many shapes and forms. But I have been punished just for being who I am. And I have been rewarded for the same reason.

Clue three: I am a creature of the sea. The ocean was my original home. The land holds mystery and disappointment for me.

Clue four: My world is colourful, but you wouldn’t know it. It’s not just black and white.

Clue five: Fashions come and go, but words can last forever. Life is like that. I heard the siren of Hollywood many times.
But Washington only once. It was one of life’s happy accidents.

Clue six: When the judges asked if they are an actor, Atlantis said: “As Queen, I am whatever I choose to be. And I am familiar with being someone else.”

Clue seven: I am Atlantis. Deep, mysterious, and powerful. Am I Chinese? It would be easy to have that belief, but I wasn’t there long. The West was where my ambition led me

Clue eight: You don’t like what I have to say? Many others do. Like the waves, my path has not been straight. But like water, nothing can hold me back for long. Words have been my life, but also my greatest danger.

Clue nine: You don’t like what I have to say? Many others do.
Don’t confuse me for a shop girl, or Marilyn, even. Perhaps I am a do-gooder. I would be happy with that.

Clue ten: I am Atlantis, and no one can resist a force of nature.
When put through the mind reader, Atlantis was shown thinking about a nat and said: “I’ve had a gnat on my mind my entire life.”

Clue eleven: I am Atlantis, and I am bringing the storm. I am who I am…..although the papers may not agree. That’s my trouble. But children believe in me and I believe in them.

Clue twelve: La, la, la, la, la, la, la… My voice has been my downfall and my saviour. But I learnt from the greatest when I knew so little. And what I achieved is epic. The great Atlantis has no true nemesis, no enemy.

Clue thirteen: In the behind the scenes footage, Atlantis had glitter sprinkled on her face.

You can follow along to all the other clues on the show here!

The Masked Singer Australia airs on Channel 10, and you can stream it on 10Play.