The Mandalorian was one of the most-hyped original offerings from Disney’s brand-spanking-new streaming service Disney+, and I’ve gotta say, it’s really lived up to said hype. It really has been a treat to watch it unfold and also speculate about what might be to come.

Firstly there’s the presence of Baby Yoda and how that fits into the timeline of the OG Star Wars films, which has been a question on fans’ lips ever since he appeared in Episode 1. But now after Episode 5, called “The Gunslinger”, we have another question on our lips: who showed up at the end there?

A quick reminder ICYMI — the episode featured the now Guild-less Mando (Pedro Pascal) teaming up with rookie bounty hunter Toro (Jake Cannavale) to hunt down a mercenary named Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) for a sweet bounty payout. They catch her and Toto stupidly shoots Fennec before double-crossing the Mandalorian, which obviously doesn’t turn out well for Toro.

But at the every end of the episode, someone wearing boots and a cape approaches the dead or perhaps barely alive figure of Fennec.

The Mandalorian
Credit: Entertainment Weekly

We never see this person above the knee, but we sure as shit hear them. They’ve got jangly kind of boots, as if they might be wearing… spurs.

You know, like this guy.

The Mandalorian

Yes, some fans are convinced that it’s Boba Fett who shows up at the end there, with Entertainment Weekly even pointing out that the mysterious figure’s boots sound exactly like Boba Fett’s in a particular scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Sure, Boba Fett was disposed of by Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in Return of The Jedi, meeting his demise in the Sarlacc’s pit being presumably digested by the sand monster. But Boba Fett is a total badass, so it seemed a very quick and anti-climactic ending for him. Surely, surely there’s a way he somehow got out of it and lived to tell the tale?

It may be wishful thinking from me and other fans, who have been longing for a Boba Fett spin-off for literal decades. One was announced before being shelved in favour of this very TV series. In fact, some people thought the Mandalorian himself could be Boba Fett. WHO KNOWS!

Some other theories doing the rounds about whose boots we saw include upcoming character — an actual confirmed one — Moff Gideon, who will be played by Breaking Bad legend Giancarlo Esposito. From what I can tell in pictures, he seems to get around in a black cape, so the outfit definitely fits.

Another insane thought is that it could be ultimate Star Wars dead baddie Darth Vader, who was extremely partial to a long black cape. But that’s the only evidence linking him to the scene. On a more boring note, it could just be the Mandalorian’s disgruntled ex-Guild contact Greef Targa (Carl Weathers), who sure has an axe to grind with him after he stole Baby Yoda.

But let’s pretend it’s Boba Fett because that’s more fun, no?