The Succulent Chinese Meal Guy Is Getting A Documentary Made About His Iconic Arrest

One of Australia’s most iconic living memes, Jack Karlson, AKA Mr Democracy Manifest, will soon have his bizarre story memorialised (even more) with a new documentary: The Man Who Ate A Succulent Chinese Meal.

As if the millions of memes about him weren’t enough to solidify his status as a legend, it was announced today that ‘The Man Who Ate A Succulent Chinese Meal‘ will get his very own documentary, of that very name. This truly is democracy manifest.

For those who are familiar with the Democracy Manifest video, it’s a cult classic. Karlson’s words tattooed themselves onto a niche of Aussie culture and have never faded. He’s appeared in a music video for The Chats recreating the iconic event, and even recently was spotted reuniting with one of the officers who arrested him.

So it’s no surprise that with such a cult following The Man Who Ate A Succulent Chinese Meal is being made into a documentary.

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Set to release in early 2025 and directed by Heath Davis, The Man Who Ate A Succulent Chinese Meal will tell the story of Jack Karlson’s life in never-seen-before detail.

Which is pretty hectic, given that his true identity was a massive mystery for years!

The documentary will also feature plenty of new footage of interviews with Karlson telling his life story and side of the iconic Democracy Manifest incident. It will also feature interviews with police and other figures involved in the story back in 1991.

Iconically, in promotion of the documentary Karlson returned to the scene of the crime.

“Aah to visit the lovely China Sea restaurant once again. The scene of where the injustice happened all those many years ago,” said Karlson in a statement.

“I look forward to seeing the fellow who runs the place and having one of his succulent meals, I will of course be paying in cash as always.”

Karlson’s note on paying in cash refers to the fact that he was originally arrested for alleged credit card fraud. He has always maintained his innocence, and the allegations were dropped on the grounds of mistaken identity.

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The Democracy Manifest story is one you’ve no doubt heard before, but in case you haven’t — one day in October 1991 Jack Karlson was arrested outside a Chinese restaurant in Queensland. The footage of his arrest has withstood the test of time thanks to his iconic and bizarre ramblings he shouted as half a dozen police tried to squeeze him into a police car.

“Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest,” Karlson told reporters filming the arrest.

Other iconic lines delivered by The Man Who Ate A Succulent Chinese Meal include:

  • “What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?”
  • “Get your hand off my penis!?”
  • “That’s a nice headlock, sir, I see you know your judo well.”
  • “Are you waiting to receive my limp penis?”

All of which have etched their way into the brains of so many Australians. To the extent that even though we don’t have a pledge of allegiance if we did it — would be Karlson’s words.

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