The Lonely Island Movie Has Officially Begun Filming

It kinda seems ridiculous that the only other time all three members of The Lonely Island teamed up to put together a feature film was for the gut-bustingly funny, woefully underrated Hot Rod. The group’s careers were all strapped to the back of rocket-powered postie bikes in the years since, and yet their collective big screen efforts still stand at one.

Not that we’re complaining – we could watch/quote/giggle at Hot Rod continuously from now until the end of times.
Fortunately Hollywood’s comedy apex predator Judd Apatow has some good news about the boys – they’re back in town.
Apatow took to Twitter to reveal that cameras have officially begun rolling on the Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie.

The film, reportedly, is set to lampoon the feature length music documentaries that have come from the likes of Justin Bieber or Katy Perry in recent years, and features the group as a washed up boy band reuniting after the failure of one member’s attempted rap career.

It goes without saying that the thing’ll more than likely be packed to the gills with celebrity cameos – Justin Timberlake‘s appearance in it is so inevitable you might as well make a drinking game out of it.
Expect it to smash its way onto big screens at some point next year.