The latest meme to take that all-consuming internet by storm is the “first of all” meme, and tbqh with you, it might be the most relatable meme in history.

I know, I know, ALL memes are relatable somehow, and it’s the reason why an entire generation of otherwise functioning adults now calls dogs “doggos” and like to boop their heckin’ snoots.

But have a read of these and tell me they aren’t, like, totally you.

The meme is super new, and according to meme encyclopedia Know Your Meme can pretty much be traced back to this one from October 1.

Honestly, these are the sassy clapbacks the internet runs on. Like gas, but sass.

Brands are even starting to get involved, which usually means the meme has well and truly died but in Netflix’s case, we’ll allow it.

Enjoy this meme while you can before a yogurt brand starts using them to promote its low-fat fermented milk or some shit. You know it’s inevitable.

Image: Broad City