The Internet Went Predictably Boonta Over Drizzy’s ‘Hotline Bling’ Vid

On the surface, Drake’s new clip for ‘Hotline Bling‘ is just the dude sashaying around a series of softly-lit interiors while wearing some softly-knit sweaters.

There are girls, too; they get to stand on stairways, lean against walls, and climb all over Aubrey himself while vibing out to that cute little keyboard melody.

While that’s true, the internet found it to be all that, and so. Much. MORE.

Truth. There’s every chance that Drizzy will usurp Dancing Spiderman as the numero uno choice for beat-matching any song you can throw at him. Observe:

Those “neo-dad” moves have a few different interpretations, too:

One final observation on the matter, courtesy of Reddit user montreux: 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one for the ages. 
Image: DASH via Twitter.