The last round of newcomers joined the rest of the MAFS gang and predictably, it was spicy as fuck.

While Jess and Domenica’s blow out — which you can read all about in PEDESTRIAN.TV’s recap — was a standout, the chaos gave the good people of the internet a new ship. Certified baddies who seem like genuinely nice people, Anthony and Selina.

When Selina started crying about their relo at the dinner table, wet piece of toast Cody didn’t hug, reassure or comfort her.

He went: “see what I mean, that’s what does my nut”. Not the vibes, sir. But why am I not surprised he’s being such a dick given he literally said he was less attracted to her because she’s Asian.

Anyway, everyone online is firmly Team Selina. As they should be.

Plus, DILF Anthony and his bride Selin also had some (more) beef. She doesn’t like that he puts his feet on the coffee table. He said she didn’t have the “capability” for a relationship. Standard stuff.

My favourite revelation was that Anthony bought Selin Macca’s and then sent her the receipt and his bank details.

Any relationship can be improved by getting Splitwise it seems.

We are so starved for genuine romance that a 30 second interaction between Anthony and Selina was enough to make the Twitter Shippers go wild.

Look … I’m just saying … I can ship it.

But there’s another possible pairing that could come up in a cheating scandal. After being thoroughly roasted by his bride Jess, newcomer Daniel was both redfaced and sad. Relatable.

He ended up chatting down at the other end of the table with fellow newcomer Carolina. 

Carolina is married to Dion, who wore the ugliest, shiniest, most tackily expensive looking Balmain jacket I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, jackets aside. Let me set the scene. Daniel and Carolina were sat together and they started discussing what physical qualities they were attracted to in a partner. Carolina said someone tall. Dion is not tall.

“Sometimes it feels like the matches are … um … interesting,” Daniel said.

Can you see where this is going, class? This is foreshadowing 101 and the internet is suspect.

So the promised cheating scandal is a mystery for another week, I suppose. But things will deff get spicy in Sunday night’s commitment ceremony.

I reckon we should all prepare to look like Al for the entire 90 minute episode.

Married At First Sight airs on Sunday at 7pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel Nine and 9Now.

Image: Channel Nine