The Internet Responds to the Pope’s Resignation

The shock resignation of Pope Benedict XVI should not have caught the Catholic Church off-guard. Elected at age 78, the church was hardly thinking long term with Benedict’s appointment, yet the manner in which his reign has ended is highly uncommon i.e. everyone else just waits to die. It was over 600 years ago that the last Pope voluntarily stood down and as such the the Internet has gone nuts, having bore witness to its first Papal resignation. The Internet Responds to the Pope’s Resignation.

Poor health was cited as the official reason for the resignation but plenty of amateur theologists speculated as to the REAL reason Benedict pulled the pin.

Baseless rumors about the 87-year-old’s sexual orientation aside, the Internet has pretty much agreed that Benedict retired because he is actually the Evil Emperor. That Death Star isn’t going to build itself.  

Being the Pope is a big deal. Obviously lots of people have their own ideas about how the Catholic Church should choose their next leader.

Several people have even thrown their own hats into the ring.

But only one candidate will prevail. We give you Pope Oprah XVI(+1)

But Oprah isn’t even Catholic!

The Internet has spoken.