It has been a pretty big day for Caitlyn Jenner, whose big reveal in a Vanity Fair cover story has broken the internet in a way that even Kim Kardashian might struggle to comprehend.

Earlier today, we reported on the fact that Jenner managed to amass more than a million Twitter followers in four hours, a number greater than even Barack Obama managed since joining earlier this year.

Reactions have since poured in from all over the internet, and it’s a struggle to even keep up, as celebrities and friends offer their congratulations to Jenner.

Lena Dunham was way on point, as usual:

But reactions came from all over:

A handful of Annie Liebovitz photos of Jenner have been spreading around the internet this morning, and comparisons have been made with Jessica Lange:

Lange herself has already responded, in an interview with The Daily Beast. She was told that her picture was trending, and after somebody explained what that means (“I don’t do any of this stuff, the internet”, she said) she seemed mildly taken aback.

“Oh really?” Lange said. “That’s so wonderful. Well now I’m going to have to look for that picture.”

The Internet Reacts To Caitlyn Jenner’s Big Vanity Fair Reveal

Reactions have not all been positive. Nickelodeon star Drake Bell Tweeted then subsequently deleted “Sorry…still calling you Bruce”, but it was up long enough for people to get fired up.

Bell has been somewhat hilariously on the defensive ever since:

Lol, Drake, stop.