The Internet Knows One Thirst, And It’s For Kit Harington’s Peachy Ass

Folks – put me in Horny Jail and throw away the key. I am officially turning myself in for a life sentence. Frankly, I’m turning the entire PEDESTRIAN.TV office and the general world in. Let’s all go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200 over our extreme thirst for… Kit Harington’s beautiful butt.

It is a lovely butt. A strong, muscular, even-toned delight. Watching it flex is a thing of beauty, and I for one am not ashamed to say it. I’ll scream it from the rooftops. KIT HARINGTON YOUR BUTT IS MAGICAL!

You wanna see the butt? You get to see the butt.×07

LOOOOOOOORD. *sweats profusely*

Here are some people who agree with me and are soon to join me in my Horny cell.

I hope we’ve all enjoyed the journey that has been Kit Harington’s butt. But let’s not forget the true perfect butt of television… one JAMIE FRASER.

I need to go have a cold shower now.