Gather round, gather round, it’s celebrity internet conspiracy time!

A not-small portion of the internet is convinced that Beyoncé has been hinting about her pregnancy on Instagram for months.

Stark raving mad? Idiot teens with too much time on their hands? Possibly. But it’s worth noting that Queen Bey does absolutely nothing on the fly. Have you seen her full collection of pregnancy photos? This shit is legit.

The main clue is a flipgram-style video Bey released on Christmas, which featured pics of Bey holding two fingers up and then holding her hands in a heart in quick succession. Missed it? Here you go: 

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Then if you scroll a little bit further back on her feed, you’ll find a fairly out-of-character POV shot. And once again, Bey is holding two fingers up.

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And two posts before THAT was this other POV shot, of a bottle of champagne popped with the Eiffel Tower in the background. The day she and Jay discovered she was pregnant, perhaps? Does the backwards peace sign a few days later mean ‘twins’?

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As is her normal way of things, Bey posted the Instagram without comment. Maybe we’ll never know – or maybe she was telling us this whole time, and simply expects us to suss it with an all-knowing wink.

Photo: Beyonce.