The ‘Harry Potter’ Cast Have A Group Chat & We Badly Want In

The next level intensity of the Harry Potterfandom is never gonna fade, if you ask me. A decade after the release of the last book, and six years since the final film, these Potternerds aren’t giving up – and who can blame them, really, esp. when JK Rowling is doing everything in her power to keep the ~magic alive~. 

The undeniable and enduring charm of the films’ cast doesn’t hurt either, and the fact that they’re all good mates in real life is a bit too much to handle. With Emma Watson‘s new movie, Beauty and the Beast, also receiving a shitload of hype, she’s making the interview rounds, and revealed today that her and her Hogwarts pals have a group chat on WhatsApp so they can all stay in touch amidst their ridiculous busy schedules. 
It’s almost to much to bear, we know. Emma dished on how she was the one who started the WhatsApp to invite her wizarding friends to the ‘BATB’ premiere, and Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis came (I guess because they’re very handsome and charming and great pals IRL).
“It’s kind of like Pokémon. I’m trying to catch them all”, Emma said (good pop culture reference girl!), and noted that she’s got “Bonnie and Dan left” who are yet to accept her request, meaning Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) and the one and only Daniel Radcliffe. This obviously means that they are living out their fictional destiny by embarking on a secret relationship.
No mention was made of Rupert Grint either, so I guess Emma is having an affair with him, too, and everything is wonderful, and diehard Potter fans have probably choked on their tears/stopped breathing at this point.  
It’s all very, very good. Check out the video below to hear the tale from Watson’s own mouth, which is so adorably British I had a cup of tea appear in my hand as I heard it. 

Source: Twitter / Entertainment Tonight
Photo: Instagram / Tom Felton.