The Harley Quinn Movie Is 100% Happening & Stars Poison Ivy And Catwoman

Suicide Squad‘ might’ve some absolutely shocking criticism after its release, but that sure as hell didn’t stop it making bucketloads of cash. It made ruddy heaps ($745.6 million globally, in fact). 
So, it makes sweet financial dollars and sense for DC to continue on this path of reckless destruction, and do a follow-up, no?
There’s been word that there’ll be a Harley Quinn standalone movie for a fair while, but now we have confirmation: it’s 110% happening, and it’s gonna be called ‘Gotham City Sirens‘. 
It won’t be a movie *just* about Harley Quinn – it’ll be about a bunch of iconic DC lady-villains, including the always-glorious Poison Ivy, and the ever-illustrious Catwoman
The film will be based on a recent DC comic series by the same name, which focuses primarily on the villainesses of Gotham.  
While this was previously touted as being an all-female powerhouse of a film, it’s now been announced that David Ayer, who directed ‘Suicide Squad‘, will also direct this film. 
Margot Robbie will executive produce the film, and the script will be penned by top writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who has previously written a ‘Tomb Raider‘ film and ‘Sherlock Holmes 3‘.
Don’t stress if you were a ‘Suicide Squad’ fan though – they’re still doing a sequel, as well as a spin-off film for Deadshot, Will Smith‘s character. ‘Sirens’ just happened to be the furthest along, so is now being fast-tracked. 
There’s no word on a release date just yet however, but we’ll keep you updated. 
Photo: Suicide Squad.