HUZZAH: Stan Dropped S2 Of The Great Over The Weekend & It’s Even Better Than The First

Over the weekend, I cancelled all my plans to park my butt in front of the telly and watch every single episode of Stan-exclusive series The Great Season 2 and mates, I was not disappointed.

The critically-acclaimed series, which was created by Australian-born bloke Tony McNamara, made a triumphant return after a v. successful first season.

The Great stars Elle Fanning (Super 8) and Nicholas Hoult (Stan’s True History of the Kelly Gang) as dysfunctional hubby and missus Peter III of Russia and Catherine the Great. It’s a satirical period dramedy that puts a comical spin on the real-life historical figures.

In the Season 1 finale, Catherine was forced to choose between saving the man she *really* loves (Leo, played by Sebastian de Souza) or putting her power behind the failing coup.

Season 2 picked up right where the wild events of Season 1 left off, and we see that Catherine is struggling with her decision (not to mention her battle against her dumbass husband).

 Fanning doing hot girl shit in The Great. (Credit: Stan)

It’s as witty, sarcastic, action-packed and bloody hilarious as the first season, but with higher stakes this time ’round.

My personal favourite aspect of the new season is the addition of legendary actress Gillian Anderson who plays Elle Fanning’s character’s snarky mother.

Anderson also doing hot girl shit in The Great. (Credit: Stan)

I won’t give much more away, but just know that if you loved the first season, you’ll bloody froth Season 2, and if you haven’t had the chance to check any of it out yet, then you’re in for a treat with two whole seasons to binge!

There’s plenty of banging, battling, shade-throwing, and just a *loose* history lesson.

Anyway, have a squiz of the trailer below to see what you’re in for:

The brand spanking new season of The Great is now streaming exclusively on Stan.