The Full Length Batkid Movie HAs Arrived To Make Your Eyeballs Leak

Holy smokes, Batman, why is it so dusty in here? 

Diminutive Batman fan and last year’s undisputed winner of the internet Miles Scott restored our faith in humanity last year when the five year old leukaemia patient from Northern California teamed up with the Bay Area Make A Wish Foundation and the kind hearted souls of San Francisco to make you spontaneously breakdown at your computer screen by transforming the streets of San Francisco into Gotham City and Miles into its pint sized caped crusader, Batkid
Heartwarming footage of his exploits, in which literally thousands of residents including police officers, people with hearts and city officials turned up to line the streets and cheer him on as he assisted in foiling a bank heist, apprehended The Riddler, rode in the Batmobile and fist bumped Batman all day, quickly went viral because some men just want to watch the world turn into a delicious rainbow flavoured ice cream cake made by unicorns. 
Now, the most memorable day of Miles’ life has been captured forever in this newly released short film not too dissimilar to the one they make you watch before you board the Batman ride at Movie World, released this week by the generous dream enablers at the Make A Wish Foundation, who certainly made good on their promise to Miles and then some.    

Go get ’em, Batkid.