The Entertainment Industry Responds To Justin Bieber’s Arrest And It’s Amazing

When you’re young, famous and stupid, you leave yourself not only open to the whole entertainment industry weighing in after you crash and burn, but the whole world.

Which is exactly what is happening to Justin Bieber right now.

After a drug induced drag racing escapade with partner-in-crime Khalil, Bieber ended up spending a whopping eight hours in jail. During his time in lock-up, Twitter caught hold of the situation, and since then has basically been going bonkers, with everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Flava Flav weighing in on the situation.

Though it was probably Seth Rogan who put it best.

A sentiment echoed by many around the world. Other members of the entertainment industry were less scathing in their responses, but by no means less hilarious…

While these people actually set out to intentionally be humorous and poke fun at Bieb’s demise, it’s also worthy to note the sheer number of Beliebers out there who are unintentionally providing hilarity to anyone who happens to be following this shit on Twitter. The sheer amount of teenage angst (because ‘no one will ever understand me but Bieber’) is enough to sell out stadium shows around the world.

Oh wait, it does.

And because no tweet list is ever complete without something from Ricky Gervais