Y’know the Department Of Energy? The nebulous government organisation that conducted all of those fkd experiments in Stranger Things? Well, it most certainly exists in real life – and newly obtained documents reveal they have got some serious thoughts on the Netflix series. 

American journo Lachlan Markay had the good sense to file a Freedom Of Information Act request to get the DOE’s internal memos on the show. What he got was, well, pretty surprising. First off, have a gander at the stack of deets he was given:

The sheer excitement the Department has over the show isn’t the only chin-scratcher, though. Amid some intra-office chat about internet videos and reams of news updates concerning honest-to-goodness energy, Markey found this redactathon:

That email there is in regards to a blog post the Department made regarding the show, so it’s fair enough they’d want to cover their bases. At the time, they even went as far as explaining Chrissy lights aren’t actually powered by inter-dimensional beings – but they obviously didn’t feel confident in spilling that sweet blacked-out info.

The documents also reveal another stupidly interesting nugget of info centred around that blog post. While it details how the DOE isn’t investigating parallel universes, one email reads “it’s not true that “the Energy Department doesn’t explore parallel universes.”

We support theoretical physicists/cosmologists through the Office of Science High Energy Physics program, some of whom almost certainly are doing a fair amount of research on parallel universes.”

The Energy Department Says New ‘Stranger Things’ Docs Won’t Bring Barb Back

Upon learning of Markey’s discovery, the DOE even piped up with their own hot take: 

Feel free to sift through the entire document dump right here. Let us know if you do end up finding Barb.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon. 
Photo: @lachlan / Twitter.