The Dream is Over, Kris Jenner Has Filed for Divorce

True love is a lie. The institution of marriage as we know it is over. Kris Jenner has officially filed for divorce.
According to People, the Kardashian family matriarch made the filing overnight, almost a year after she and husband Bruce Jenner announced their separation.
A source close to the family said that there is “no drama or messiness” attached to the divorce filing.
Kris has requested that the couple share joint custody of 17-year-old daughter Kylie, and would also like to keep any assets amassed since their separation.
Bruce has not yet commented, but is likely to be standing around somewhere looking dejected while holding a droopy garden hose.
The couple were married for 23 years, and Kris says that they will remain “the best of friends.” Why is this news? Ask The Sydney Morning Herald, or better yet, good old Google.
Photo: Frazer Harrison via Getty Images