The Death Of Friendster

Hey guys, do any of you remember Friendster? A true pioneer in online social networking, Friendster launched in 2003 with the hilariously beatific slogan connecting smiles, predating the existence of both Myspace and Facebook. The company was named one of 2010’s “Hottest Silicon Valley Companies” boasting over 115 million registered users and two of the technology industry’s lamest logos – but soon Friendster as we know it will be no more.

After being usurped in popularity by younger, hipper counterparts like the ones you and I use every day #twitter, Friendster has announced that it is converting its focus to provide “entertainment and fun” to its predominantly Asian audience. Subsequently users will have until May 31 to export their data from the site. Make haste, Friendster users, or your profile will be forever erased.

Have you ever heard of Friendster?

Via PC Mag